Internal Mics

Internal Microphones capture the inside sound of your drums where the initial resonance
and tone originates. Great for drummers with tight setups that can’t find the room for
traditional external microphone mounting. You also get greater control and isolation from
outside ambience. Available in permanent drilled versions and non-drilled aftermarket setups.
Most major brand’s popular microphones are available for all drum types, or alternatively
a standard bass drum mounting arm or shockmount are available for any brand bass mic.
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The drilled versions of these internal microphones are available for almost all styles of mics including all drum sizes and types. With these drilled versions, we are able to mount the mic in the optimum position and placement on each drum shell as well as less hardware used to mount the mic. The advantage is the mount can be rotated from the outside of the shell using a drum key and the XLR cable input is hidden behind the mount for clean and professional look.


Non Drilled

A non drilled accessory is available for all microphone mounts and drums. The standard drilled versions mount through the shell, while this L-arm accessory places all the mounts under the existing lug screws so that you can easily switch them onto other drums without any extra drilled holes. The extra long internal cable threads through the air vent with an external XLR adapter.


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