Snare Parts

A full length tube lug is our standard lug on all snare drums. Made of solid brass with your choice of plating. Tube lugs feature a small footprint on the shell and are extremely durable with a perfectly classic look. All lugs are accompanied with gaskets to protect the finish and avoid direct metal to shell contact. Split lugs are available where there is an individual top and bottom lug. Other designs like single point, rounded, tear drop, etc are also available. For all lug options click our LUGS PAGE.
Most snare drums come stock with our 2.3mm heavy duty triple flanged hoops. Die cast hoops and other options are available for upgrade as well. We use a heavy duty 2.3mm design as it offers the right amount of weight and strength so that they hold their shape without warping for years to come. They are more open in tone and have the widest dynamics with the greatest tuning range of all hoops available. View our HOOPS PAGE for more info and options.
We have several throwoffs available but our stock throwoff system is the TRICK GS007M multi step. It’s solid machined aluminum cam operated design is a smooth effortless operation that is ultra quiet and extremely durable. The multi step design has three positions for the tension adjustment to lock into place: on, medium, loose and off. View our THROWOFFS PAGE for all available throwoff options.
We have gone through dozens of different wires and types to determine our 20 strand German Bronze wires are the most consistently made and have the truest sound for all of our different drum types and sizes. Other wires (even some of the most expensive brands) have inconsistencies and even a loose wire right out of the box that buzz too much or overreact to high end frequencies. Our Bronze wires create a smooth buzz with a warm, full snare response. Also available in 16 and a fat 42 strand wire for the fullest buzz.
A heavy duty solid brass made threaded air vent that is accompanied by a thin gasket to protect the finish and avoid metal to metal contact. These are the highest quality air vents available that are sealed together with loctite instead of a vintage style crimped vents. Larger cut 1+” vents can be cut on snare drums, but decrease shell resonance and add only high end attack, thus not typically recommended for most drums. View our REPAIRS PAGE under VENT CUTTING for more info.


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