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Our stock lug for all of our kits is the 1″ mini tube lug. These high quality lugs features all solid brass made posts and receiver tube plated in your choice of finishes. Tube lugs feature a small footprint on the shell and are extremely durable with a modern yet classic look. All lugs are accompanied with gaskets to protect the finish and avoid direct metal to shell contact. Plenty of other designs like single point, beavertail, tear drop, etc are also available. For all lug options view our LUGS PAGE.
Most tom toms and floor toms come stock with our 2.3mm heavy duty triple flanged hoops. Die cast hoops and other options are available for upgrade as well. We use a heavy 2.3mm design as it offers the right amount of weight and strength so that they hold their shape without warping for years to come. They are more open in tone and have the widest dynamics with the greatest tuning range of all hoops available. View our HOOPS PAGE for more info and options.
All tom toms come stock with a matching DSS suspension mount. Suspension mounts have become a standard in the industry in place of having a bracket drilled directly onto the shell. This helps isolate the drum from the mounting stand and to increase resonance and sustain. Alternatively, we can drill your mounting bracket direct to the shell when requested. All sizes and hardware finishes are available. Gauger Aluminum made suspension mounts are also available for an upgrade. View our MOUNTS PAGE for more options.
We use only heavy duty hinged brackets for any mounting. These are used for tom toms, floor tom mounts, and vintage style folding spurs. Hinged brackets are solid die cast made of two separate pieces that accept any size L-rod mounting arm from 10.5mm to 12.7mm so that our toms will mount on any brand tom L-rod stand or arm. These are much better quality that typical rectangular brackets that are held just by a simple tightened eye bolt which can slip and fail when you least suspect it. We use a round design in chrome or other colors are a square style design, but both are built similarly and have all the same features. We can also drill these directly to your drum in place of a suspension mount. View our MOUNTS PAGE for more info.
A special floor tom foot is used that has a cushioned air pocket to help isolate the drum’s sound from being grounded through the floor. Much like a suspension mounting system, they help add resonance and sustain to the drum. Many floor toms suffer from a dead tone or loss of sustain from typical floor tom legs, but not with ours. The floor tom will roar and have the same sustain and low end that is highly sought after. These now come stock on all of our Series drums. We use a medium thickness 10.5mm size which is plenty of strength without adding even more weight to your hardware bag when traveling. We keep quality accessories without being over excessive.
Cradles are available for upgrade in place of brackets drilled directly on our floor toms. Floor tom cradles act like a suspension system that sits much like our DSS suspension systems on the lug through the tension rod. This will help isolate the drum and increase sustain and resonance. Coupled with our air pocket floor tom legs, floor toms have never sounded bigger! Available in any of our standard plating finishes to match your hardware. Aluminum made cradles are also available for upgrade. View our MOUNTS PAGE for more info.


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