Drum Repairs



NEW BEARING EDGES ($15.00 – $75.00 pair / varies per size)
Bearing edges are just as important to your drum sound as the shell material itself.  Bring your drums to new life with a set of fresh cut bearing edges. Most companies neglect to spend the extra time to properly cut edges and polish them. Look at competitors with wavy lines, burn marks, rough sanding scratches, or are too thin and hard to tune. Not at Crockett Tubs. We have seen it all!  We have literally recut hundreds of bearing edges on every brand and era of drums.  We know exactly what to look for and how to recreate the factory edge with our high tolerances.  We offer a huge array of sizes for edges and angles based upon your ideal tonal sound.  From a single 45°, to a modern double 45° edge, or even a more vintage 30° roundover.   Our tolerances for creating new edges are so strict that all shells are first sanded on a perfectly flat sanding table and then checked on a machine milled flat granite plate using an L.E.D. light for a truly precise flat edge.  Our large custom made router table has a 1″ thick solid 3’x4′ granite table top, perfect for accomodating any size shell. No sacrifices are spared when we cut our edges.  We also will hand seal, polish and wax all edges for proper head tensioning.  View below for our Bearing Edge Profiles. Prices are based on shell diameters; sold per pair or individually. Snare drums will require new snare beds. Metal shells or extra thick shells upgrade charges may apply.


Double 45°
Our double 45  degree bearing edge features an offset convex with a softly rounded apex.  This bearing edge creates a smooth blend of high energy transfer and enough natural muffling to add a fat, warm tone and plenty of attack.

Rounded 45°
Our rounded 45 degree bearing edge creates a smooth head transfer as the outer radius conforms better to the drumhead making a full warm tone with easy tuning. The outside rounded radius may vary based on extra thick wrap or shell size.

Fully Rounded
This fully rounded bearing edge is usually only used for a final touch on our wood hoops, but can be cut on any drum.  This edge will create the most amount of naturally muffling and very soft tone but the least amount of attack.

Vintage Rounded
Much like our rounded 45 bearing edge but with a larger radius for the fattest tone and a vintage style sounds.  This edge works best with shells that have installed reinforcement rings, like our Vintage Mahogany and Vintage Maple Series.

Single 45°
A single 45 degree bearing edge is probably one of the most widely used edges by major brands.  This edge creates the most dynamic level of playing and wide tuning range.  This can be a harder edge to tune as it has the least amount head contact.

30° Rounded
A 30 degree edge has less angle in the slope from the apex, so the drum has more edge contact than a standard 45 degree but also more attack than a more rounded edge.  A popular edge from American drum companies that we rarely use unless when recutting edges on those specific drums as repairs.

SNARE BEDS ($30.00 pair)
Does your snare have that annoying buzz when you play your kit?  You could benefit by having a new snare bed cut and eliminate that or increase your snare sensitivity.  We offer a few different profiles to accommodate your drum size and style.  All new snare beds must be purchased with a new bearing edges to help ensure flatness and correct profile.  Profiles include our classic medium depth with a length just outside the first lugs, or a long and shallow bed for more buzz, and many more. We even have a popular profile for concert symphonic snare drums that use cable wires. We can even create your own specific design. Metal shells or extra thick shells upgrade charges may apply.
INSTALLED REINFORCEMENT RINGS ($25.00 – $70.00 pair / varies per size)
Re-rings help focus the drum and mellow out the overtones.  They will slightly increase the pitch yet leave the open body tone of the rest of the shell. Standard rings are usually 5ply or 6ply maple, but can be purchased in 3ply, 8ply and 10ply as well. Prices are based on shell diameters per pair.  Additional bearing edge recutting charges and/or shipping fees for non-stocked sizes or ply configurations may apply.

SHELL CUTTING ($10.00 – $20.00 per cut)
We can cut down your old shells to any shell depth based upon your included hardware.  This may require new bearing edges, hole drilling, hole plugging, etc. Additional charges will be applied and quoted appropriately.
VENT HOLE CUTTING ($5.00 and 20.00 – $25.00 per vent)
Vents allow for more sensitivity to the snare drums, while adding volume and higher end crack.  This will decrease the body and resonance of the snare at the same time.  Recommended for high volume or a more pronounced “crack” sound.  Vent sizes vary, but our most popular sizes are 1″, 1.5″, and 2″ diameters and are polished flat and sealed.  Small vents are available as 1/2″ sizes or smaller.  We can also install your badge if needed.
RE-WRAPS ($40 – $80 / varies per size)
We offer all the wraps available from our new drums to be applied to your old drums.  See all the wraps under our WRAPS section. Like our new drums, we blend each wrap flush with the bearing edgse with a notched overlap, or we can cut each wrap back from the edge just to the point of the drumheads collar.  This ensures all heads seat properly and the wrap overlaps don’t interfere. We always use professional grade adhesives unlike others using a quick fix non-permanent double sided tape.  These prices are just for the installing the new wrap only. Stripping old finishes, the wrap product itself, or inlay cut prices are all additionally priced separately.

Before we can add a new wrap or finish topcoat, your old finish must be professionally removed. We have the experience and knowledge of exactly which chemical strippers are safe and appropriate for the right topcoat finish, and how to clean the shell after the chemicals are saturated in the bare wood.  Some customers would like to do this themselves, but we can professionally and safely do this and then sand smooth the bare wood to result in a “newer” shell that is flat and smooth and ready for a new finish.  Great care must be taken so that the outer wood veneer does not pull up and create voids, and that all glue and dirt is completely gone.  We keep high standards for new finishes as any inconsistency in the bare shell will only be amplified under the new finish.  Minimum charge is only 1 hour and can be increased if the hardware is left on the drum before shipping.
Refinishing starts with professionally stripping and sanding down your old finish and prepping the shell for any new paint scheme available.  Many colors, finishes, sparkles, fades and burst available as with our new custom drums.  Custom logos and schemes can also be airbrushed as per request.  We work with you to personally design your own ideas.  You may also send us color samples from any paint store as we can match most colors.  View our FINISHES section for more info.
INLAYS ($10 – $20 per cut)
Inlays are priced as cutting only; any product for the install including wrap, veneer, etc. would be priced additionally. We can inlay any drum hoop or shell of any size in any location. Our custom jigs are built with strict tolerances to cut any size or depth on any drum. Typical size cutting widths are ¼”, ½”, and ¾”. Finishing maybe required before or after on any raw wood to complete the inlay service.
NESTING ($45 – $55 per drum)
Nesting comprises of cutting shells in half with installed latches so that smaller drums can be fitted inside larger drums for easy transport. This service includes cutting shells flat and true, installing a center reinforcement support ring, and 3 quality bracket clasps per drum. Typically a minimum 3″ diameter clearance per drum for proper nesting is required.
POWDER COATING ($100 – $150 / varies per drum and color)
Most hardware can be powder coated to any color scheme.  We start by stripping and prepping all parts for powder coating and then sand blast the old plating to insure proper adhesion and an even colored powder coat finish. Most drum parts can be powder coated including: lugs, rims, mounts, brackets, some snare strainers, snare butts, air vents, legs, spurs, etc. A wide choice of colors and schemes are available all in high gloss to a flat matte finish, even sparkle and textured. We must state that there is no powder coating that is more durable than a standard plating, but our experiences with our powder coat has been well received. For examples check our HARDWARE FINISHES section.
Just like our powder coat process, almost all drum items can be stripped and replated in a wide variety of finishes.  All items must be professionally stripped of the old plating and then sanded and prepped for proper adhesion and a new perfect finish.  Plating types range from chrome, black nickel, brass, gold, satin chrome, satin brass, satin black nickel, antique copper, brushed antique brass, brushed nickel, bright copper, aged bronze, etc. For examples check our HARDWARE FINISHES section.
SPLIT SHELLS ($ varies)
Over the years shells and reinforcement rings can separate, typically on older drums where inadequate glues were used.  We can glue and sand back to new, and then reseal as per original shell finish.  This leaves an unnoticeable waterproof bond.  Prices can vary based upon the severity of the split and may have to be seen in person to quote.
FILLED HOLES ($3.00+ per hole / can vary)
Most holes can be refilled with actual wood or epoxy.  This is typical when changing hardware or uninstalling some parts from the original kit when rewrapping or finishing. We typically use actual horizontal straight grained wood plugs for most holes and is sanded flat with all faces.
INTERNAL MICROPHONES ($ varies per size & type)
We can special order microphones with internal mounts for all size drums.  These internal mics add more resonance and warmth to the playback, while adding a full bodied EQ. They also have a consistently fast ease of setup when going to the gig or recording. Most brand microphones are compatible and can be custom drilled to the shell or mounted under the lugs. Some internal mounts can be purchased with the most popular brand microphones permanently attached.  We can drill and install any internal mounting for the microphone in the precise position on the shell for maximum mic clarity and installing an XLR jack directly to the shell. There will be no exposed or extra holes drilled. Non-drilled mic mounts can be placed utilizing pre-existing hardware screws and the XLR jack thru the pre-existing air vent. For more info view our INTERNAL MICS under the DRUM INFO above. Prices vary as per brand and size.
Looking to customize your front logo bassdrum head? We can work with you to create your logo or design. We offer 2 types of pricing and design. Custom 1 includes any single color logo within a “stencil” style design that we do in house. Custom 2 gives you infinite options and colors, and can utilize any computer uploaded image. We also offer Holz reinforcement rings and microphone hole cutting. Provided artwork must be 300 dpi Vector files. Additional design charges may apply.

Custom Logo 1 color  =  $30-50 w/o drumhead
Custom Full Art Installed  =  $125.00 w/ drumhead
Microphone Hole Cut  =  $5.00 any size
Holz Reinforcement Ring  =  $20.00 installed

PARTS RESALE ($ varies per part)
Most of our parts from our kits can be purchased for your own.  For hard to find parts or if you want to change over to different color plating hardware or parts.   Also we can special order lugs to fit drums with unique hole patterns.  This is a key feature for broken lugs on outdated drums.


Please CONTACT US with any questions or final quotes


**  Please read before shipping to Crockett Tubs  **
Please contact us before any item is shipped to Crockett Tubs, or else your item maybe refused and your postal carrier will contact you for return shipping.  All items must have a declared invoice for any repair work, etc.  Please properly pack and insure your package through your postal service as we do the same when return shipping.  View our shipping address info above.  All drums should be fully disassembled (unless otherwise specifically requested) which includes all drum heads, rims, lugs, etc.  This is to insure your personal items do not get lost in our collection or get dirty as we do have a full wood shop and paint booth where dust is inevitable.  An additional service fee of $35/hr will be accrued for any extra non-quoted service work on most repairs, but you will be notified upon our evaluation.  This includes removing hardware, heads, etc.  Any items not to be removed or not to be drilled must be noted, or leave masking tape over the hole on the inside of the shell. View our FAQ section for any other questions and our TERMS on our REPAIR COST LIST.
We will always work professionally and fairly with every customer.