It is usually best to email us at info@ctdrums.com or
Call during normal business hours (Pacific Standard Time) at (925) 408-8484

Please remember we are a small shop working with loud power tools or are away on another call giving every customer the attention that each deserves. If we don’t pick up, please leave us a message or email and we will get back to you asap.

Our Address:
Crockett Tubs
3644 Otterbrook Loop
Discovery Bay, CA 94505



SNARE DRUMS = 4 – 6 weeks /avg.
KITS = 4 – 8 weeks /avg.
REPAIRS = Varies

Delivery times can vary, mostly based upon the uniqueness and complexity of your build.  Some items may take longer as they are custom made per order which are not typically back stocked.  Some items may include metal shells, custom machined hardware, complex paint jobs or artwork, custom wraps, hardware specialty plating, and other items beyond our control.  We work direct with manufacturers to ensure proper items are ordered so that we can bypass middlemen that typically add to wait times.

We pride ourselves in going the extra distance and spend the extra effort to maintain high standards and quality control.  We double check any item before it gets shipped out so that everything is up to our standards first and that it arrives to you perfect right out of the box.


We accept all major credit cards, cash delivered, PayPal, checks and money orders.
Please contact us prior to sending any payment as you must have a declared invoice for any work to be done.  We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to start the build process and reserve your queue in our build schedule.  The remainder of your balance must be paid before any item can be shipped or picked up.  We will notify you in advance when your build is close to completion.  All payments must clear prior to any work or shipping.  All items must be paid by no later than thirty (30) of final completion, or are considered abandoned and are subject for our own private property or sale.

PayPal Info = paypal@ctdrums.com
We can send a separate PayPal invoice for your payment so you can easily click and pay.

Checks and M.O. to be made out to:
Crockett Tubs
3644 Otterbrook Loop
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Final Payment


Since each item is built to your exact specifications and we take pride to insure that every item leaves the shop meets our own high expectations, no returns can be accepted.  Custom drums are just that, custom.  They are built per order and not on an assembly line, so no build could be restocked. Customer’s deposits to initialize a build is also non-refundable. Please see our PAYMENT OPTIONS for further info.  We will work with you however possible if you have any changes. Please contact us asap to discuss.


Each item we ship is thoroughly checked one last time and then carefully packed.  We use only quality double-wall cardboard boxes, heavy gauge plastic liners, scratch resistant padding, correct bubble wrap and plenty of extra padding to make sure your drums arrive in the same pristine condition as when they leave the shop.  All drums are fully insured through the postal service in the rare case of any loss or damaged items occurs during transit.  We have successfully shipped hundreds of packages domestically and internationally.  Any and all customs fees, import fees, or duties are the sole responsibility of the customer as each country’s tariff rates are unique.  We typically use FedEx domestic and USPS (United States Postal Service) or DHL abroad, unless otherwise requested.

We don’t charge a flat shipping rate, so you don’t pay the equivalent of shipping 2,000+ miles when we only have to ship within our same state.  Each shipment is quoted per zip code and is included on your invoice.

Snare drums domestic shipping = $20.00 – $35.00 /avg.
4pc drum kits domestic shipping = $125 – $200.00 /avg.
International orders will vary.


Any shipping discrepencies must be made within 72 hours of delivery.  We will diligently work with you to render any shipping complications as each package is shipped fully insured and is carefully well packed.  We will expedite any exchanges or warranty replacements to the best of our ability. The last thing we want is an unplayable drum and a dissatisfied customer.


We are always looking for drummers that are working hard to promote themselves as well as promote their drum endorsements. We keep a very simple sponsorship mold. We are all drummers that work here and have seen every aspect of this industry. So, we don’t expect every rising artist to have a major label or company backing, platinum album sales, or sold out arena shows. We like to keep a family feel here and want to grow as a company with our artists. We are always looking for quality people to welcome in. There is no set discount, each is case by case. Reach out and let us know what you are up to and we can develop our relations from there.


Contact us for a quote or invoice by either email or phone call.  View our CONTACT PAGE to get in touch with us. With the vast amount of options to make your ideal drums, we are very thorough and will go over all additional details to get things correct the first time.  Once all items have been discussed you will receive your invoice which is good for thirty (30) days from the invoice date, and then are subject to change without notice.  Follow the directions above for your PAYMENT OPTIONS.  We accept all credit cards, cash delivered, PayPal, check or money orders.  A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to start the build process.

You can also buy from our online store at http://www.ctdrums.bigcartel.com, with our easy click and ship instructions for items that are already built.


We strive to keep our drums top of the line. We know the correct “ingredients” that insure our drums meet that high mark. We want each customer to be confident in knowing that they should have full faith in our products just as we do. With so many different options of shells, finishes, and parts, it is too hard to individually address a concrete warranty date per item. Each is case by case and will rely greatly upon you as the customer for proper use and maintenance. Just know that we will do our best to take care of any issue you may have.


Proper maintenance is key for any top shelf instrument as this is your investment. We urge you to research and educate yourself of any and all info to keep your drums in top performing shape. Climate control is very key in terms of your drums swelling and contracting which can severely effect solid woods and stave shells, wraps that can bubble although we permanently glue them, and simply the way drums tune up. Never leave your drums in front of a furnace, in direct light by a window, or outside in direct sunlight. This can cause fading in color and similar climate control issues. Never leave your drums in cases within a humid car or outdoors in the sun, as the cases will overheat the drums. Always wipe down all your shells and hardware to prevent tarnishing and rust as well as keeping the finish looking new. Leave out of natural elements: rain, snow, heat, etc. Always keep your drums in cases of sufficient quality and any negligent act may void any warranty. Contact us for more info.

Below are suggestions to help the upkeep on your exact finishes.
It is still within the user’s discretion as you can always contact us for repairs.

Natural Satin Oil Finishes: To clean, use a microfiber cloth with any wood finish restorer or citrus build up remover applied to the cloth only. This is a light natural finish, so don’t use anything too aggressive or obviously with any color pigment. Follow up with a quality wood wax and buff to sheen. Any deep scratches can be sanded out and refinished fairly easily but should be sent to CT Drums to match the sheen and finish type.

Satin Stain Finishes: Easy to clean, use a damp microfiber cloth with a drop of generic dish soap and rub around the shell. This will eliminate any build up and then thoroughly dry the shell with a clean soft microfiber cloth. Some touchups can be applied for deep scratches but painting over is not recommended.

Wraps: Similar to satin stains, use a damp microfiber with a drop of dish soap and clean then dry with another dry soft cloth. Any further scratches or hazing can be cleaned with a 3 step product made by NOVUS. Most wraps are readily available to redo in extreme cases.

High Gloss Lacquers: We use a high quality polyurethane typically for the custom auto industry. You can use any soap to lightly wash the shells similar to the above finishes, and finish off with any car wax and buff. Never use any wax within 60 days of drum purchase. There are various levels of buffing compounds and sand papers to properly buff out any scratches. We keep a detailed log of all paint codes and pride ourselves in paint knowledge to touchup even some of the most extreme cases of scratches. Satin and matte finishes should not be sanded or buffed. Feel free to contact us direct for any help.

Of course it is always recommended to remove all hardware first and clean that separately. Make sure any and all cleaning products have been thoroughly removed afterwards. Start with mild cleaning and work your way up more aggressively until the finish is cleaned. Always use extremely soft microfiber cloths, email us for exact brands. Contact us for any additional info for proper maintenance.


See our REPAIRS page for more info.  Please make sure to follow our guidelines listed below when shipping your items to CT Drums.


Please contact us before any item is shipped to Crockett Tubs, or else your item maybe refused and your postal carrier will contact you for return shipping.  All items must have a declared invoice for any repair work.  Please properly pack and insure your package through your postal service as we do the same when return shipping.  View our shipping address info above. All drums should be fully disassembled (unless otherwise specifically requested) which includes all drum heads, rims, lugs, etc.  This is to insure your personal items do not get lost in our collection or get dirty as we do have a full wood shop and paint booth where dust is inevitable.  An additional service fee of $30/hr will be accrued for any extra non-quoted service work on most repairs, but you will be notified upon our evaluation.  This includes removing hardware, heads, etc.  Any items not to be removed or not to be drilled must be noted, or leave masking tape over the hole on the inside of the shell.  We will always work professionally and fairly with any customer.