Bass Drum Parts


Our stock lug for all of our kits is the 1″ mini tube lug. These high quality lugs features all solid brass made posts and receiver tube plated in your choice of finishes. Tube lugs feature a small footprint on the shell and are extremely durable with a modern yet classic look. All lugs are accompanied with gaskets to protect the finish and avoid direct metal to shell contact. Plenty of other designs like single point, beavertail, tear drop, etc are also available. For all lug options view our LUGS PAGE.
We use only the highest quality bass drum spurs available. Our stock spur is a high quality telescoping design with a rubber foot and a metal spike to decrease bass drums creeping forward while playing. There are other spur sets on the market but are made of cheaper pot metal and we replace or repair those all the time, but we have yet to have any issues with ours. We also have a vintage style folding spur that uses our high quality hinged direct mount with a rubber foot and metal spike for an ultra light weight design and vintage style flare. View our SPURS PAGE for all options.
We have multiple options of different bass drum claws. Our main hoop claw is a solid die cast design that fits our hoops perfectly and compliment all lug designs and other hardware pieces while being very well made and the highest quality. A rubber liner gasket protects the finish when used for all of our painted finishes. For tom and snare wood hoops, we typically use a mini butterfly claw. Other hoop claw options include vintage butterfly, a rounded countered butterfly, flat steel, drilled hoop lugs, plus more. View our CLAWS PAGE for more info.
We use only 12ply shell stock of either maple or birch hoops for their rigidity and longevity for staying in round. Wood hoops help add warmth and low end to the drum compared to cheap metal bass hoops. Our hoops are finished with a front bullnose roundover and a inside relief cut so that any brand drum heads will fit properly on the head’s metal collar rather than binding on the plastic of the head. All hoops can be finished to match any kit. For wraps, you have your choice of either full length wrapped or any inlay cut with your choice of outer wood finish. We also install a protective hoop guard for the pedal attachment to keep the hoop mar free. View our HOOPS PAGE for more info.
Any bass drum can be custom ordered with any of our bass tom mount options. Some think the extra weight on the drum and drilled holes will effect the resonance of the drums, but to us it more about ease of setup. We have built drums with and without bass mounts and while there is a slight sound difference, the setup is more important. These mounts are great for small setups, like a bop kit, where the tom will be on the kick, a floor tom on legs and the snare in the stand; then you only have to worry about your cymbals. We typically use a single hole heavy duty mount with either a single or double tom arm. A vintage style rail mount is also available. View our MOUNTS PAGE for more options.
We offer multiple types of logo bass drum heads. You have your choice of color drumhead and logo, including clear, black, smooth white or coated white with either a black or white CT Drums emblem. Emblems include our standard centered CT logo or a vintage style crest shield logo. We also offer custom logos and bass drumheads, from a single color stencil cut style logo or a full color with infinite options and possibilities. View our DRUM HEADS PAGE for more info on custom bass drum heads.
We will cut any of our bass drum heads purchased with any of our kits with one (1) free mic port hole placed in any location or size. Typically a 6″ hole at about 3 o’clock position. You also have your choice any Holz reinforcement ring to help protect the drum head from tearing when it is fully tension and a clumsy sound guy rips the mic out and splits the head. Colors include silver or black in 4″ or 6″, other colors available as special order. Additional ports cut are $5ea and Holz rings installed are $20ea.


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