Vintage Maple

          Vintage Maple shells have a very warm, full sound with that old school vibe. Maple shells have a brighter attack and are slightly more dynamic than our Vintage Mahogany shells, but both are reminiscent of early American drum companies that are highly sought after but made using modern shell construction technology. We cut a large vintage rounded bearing edge on these shells that helps create greater shell to head contact for a rounder sound and a distinctly mellower overtones.

Made of 100% maple/poplar/maple layups with 8ply maple reinforcement rings.

Available in multiple sizes, and can finished in any of our FINISHES.

5×14″,    6.5×14″,    7×14″

8×10″,    8×12″,    9×13″,    10×14″,    14×14″,    16×16″,    16×18″

14×18″,    14×20″,    14×22″,    14×24″,    14×26″

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