Drum Info

Crockett Tubs is a small, independent custom drum company nestled right outside of busy San Francisco, California.

Initially founded in a small backyard barn in Crockett, CA… and “tubs” just being a cool nickname for drums, we disclaim any relation to any awesome 80’s Miami based television series….

We have serviced the greater Bay Area drum community for many years and our minimal advertising approach based purely off customer word-of-mouth has helped distinguish us as a reputable company. Our experience of various eras of drum history including how they were made and what made them sound the way they do, touring in a wide list of bands and genres while schlepping drums across many countries, and our complete detailed customer service guarantee sets us aside from other small builders. CT Drums has surpassed it’s “hobby” grassroots and is constantly evolving. We are exceeding into very specific drum territories while maintaining our high standards to help set us apart as a front leader in this small custom market. From our 3ply shells that mimic vintage American drum companies back from the 40’s to 60’s, or our own custom made 1.2mm brass shells with unique plated finishes only available through CT Drums, to our amazing 16-step high end in-house paint jobs that rival that of hotrod car showrooms.

Don’t be fooled by small builders that buy generic parts from online distributors with mass produced inferior products, or builders that outsource their work because they don’t own or have the knowhow to operate precise machinery. Some of these builders send their work to us! We strive for complete in-house services and source all parts from main manufacturers… not from middleman distributors.

We maintain a quiet, underground niche market while proudly keeping all of our acclaimed traits for custom and high quality products up to par with some of the best large name brands. While keeping prices low with our direct-to-customer sales and no middle man approach and strict attention to details.

We have drums on the road with large signed acts, have shipped to dozens of countries all across the globe, helped repair and restore drums from nearly all brands on the market from all different generations, and have built hundreds of drums in all different forms.