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6.5×14″ Thin Carbon Fiber Snare

A prime example of our CF2 series, featuring a super thin 1/16″ all carbon fiber shell with all chrome hardware. These thin CF shells have a very warm and punchy sound but with a bit of metallic overtones and bite. Carbon FIber is often describe as a good cross of wood and metal snare sounds with a touch of dryness. A killer acoustic material and super light weight. We’ve done plenty of these CF2 series snare drums for all types of drummers with raved reviews. This drum also features special edition GN tube lugs that are high quality chrome over solid brass with a unique design flare. Triple flanged 2.3mm hoops, a Trick multi step throwoff, german snare wires and Remo drumheads tops of this build.
Any depth 14″ shells available, more sizes coming soon….

8×14″ Natural Birdseye Maple Snare

Deeper snare drums have been extremely popular here at CT Drums. This is a Players Series all maple 10ply shell with an exotic birdseye maple veneer with our natural satin oil to accentuate the unique grain and amazing figure. The thicker Players Series 10ply shell compared to our Standard Series 8ply maple creates a louder crack with an increase in volume and projection, but this 8×14″ snare depth adds extra depth and body so a huge tuning range is available with plenty of aggressive tone. Tune it down for a fatter, warmer sound or crank it up for a brighter snap but with plenty of body and all with that sweet maple snare sound. Built with our standard chrome over solid brass full length tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops for an open tone, a Trick multi step throwoff and german snare wires.

5.5×14″ Maple 10ply Silver Glass Glitter

A Players Series maple 10ply shell wrapped in our popular silver glass glitter and chrome hardware. The silver glass glitter really shines under stage lights and pick up the stage lights beautifully. This 5.5×14″ size creates a versatile drum and the thicker 10ply shell adds tons of crack and sensitivity. All chrome hardware matches the silver glass stunningly, including full length solid brass tube lugs, the added die cast hoops for better rimshots, a RCK throwoff, and German brass snare wires.

5×14″ Carbon FIber / Maple Hybrid

A unique prototype shell that is a custom made hybrid of a 5ply maple shell and inner layer of finished carbon fiber. The super thin maple shell has a ton of open tone and body with the most resonance possible, while the added carbon fiber adds volume and shell strength integrity as carbon fiber is super light weight yet highly durable. This snare is bit more powerful and a touch louder than our Standard Series all maple 8ply snare, also a touch brighter and clearer sounding sensitivity. A unique design that progress into more sizes, 14″ diameter available in any depth. This shell has beautiful grain so it was finished in our natural high gloss lacquer with chrome hardware, including solid brass full length tube lugs, a Trick multistep throwoff, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and Puresound wires.

Hammered Brass Snare

Custom Painted FTP Snare

5.5×14″ Granite Pearl

5.5×14″ Piano Black High Gloss Snare