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A heavy duty solid brass made threaded air vent that is accompanied by a thin gasket to protect the finish and avoid metal to metal contact. These are the highest quality air vents available that are sealed together with loctite instead of a vintage style crimped vents. Larger cut 1+” vents can be cut on snare drums, but decrease shell resonance and add only high end attack, thus not typically recommended for most drums. View our REPAIRS PAGE under VENT CUTTING for more info.
A great upgrade that also shows how we at Crockett Tubs observe every single little detail critically. We would just like to shine some spotlight on these little guys. It’s one of those things that is such a simple idea yet makes a ton of difference. These washers are high quality nylon that protect the plating on hoops and eliminate any metal to metal contact. They allow a smoother and more accurate head tuning, and you can actually tune them lower without any annoying buzzing from loose tension rods. They are available in black and clear white, and also available in 16 custom colors as special order.

T-Handle Tension RodT-HANDLE RODS

A special floor tom foot is used that has a cushioned air pocket to help isolate the drum’s sound from being grounded through the floor. Much like a suspension mounting system, they help add resonance and sustain to the drum. Many floor toms suffer from a dead tone or loss of sustain from typical floor tom legs, but not with ours. The floor tom will roar and have the same sustain and low end that is highly sought after. These now come stock on all of our Series drums. We use a medium thickness 10.5mm size which is plenty of strength without adding even more weight to your hardware bag when traveling. We keep quality accessories without being over excessive.
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