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New 3ply Maple/Poplar/Maple kit with 20″ kick

Get that vintage sound with modern made shells and parts. Here is another brand new kit featuring our 3ply Vintage Series drums. These shells are made of thick ply of poplar sandwich between two plies of thick maple for a really rich and warm tone. These are straight wall shells that do not have any reinforcement rings on the inside so these create a wider tuning range and deep lows to bright highs. Sizes on this kit include 16×20″ kick, 8×12″ rack, and a 14×14″ floor tom. All vintage style details include aged white marine pearl wrap, mini tube lugs, butterfly claws, wrap inlayed bass drum hoops that were stained in satin black, T-handle tension rods, and many other high end parts.

Look out for a new demo video featuring this kit soon too!

3pc aged amp 3ply 20inch
3pc aged amp 3ply 20inch bass hoop unclose

4pc Aged WMP New 3ply Shells

A brand new series! These vintage style 3ply shells feature a thick ply of poplar sandwiched between 2 plies of maple for a full bodied and extremely warm tone. All custom built on the original Slingerland molds. Also available in walnut/poplar/walnut and mahogany/poplar/mahogany or any combination. Solid maple reinforcement rings are also available or as a straight wall shell for the deepest tone like these shown above. More info coming soon!

This 4pc kit finished in aged white marine pearl with mini tube lugs is completed with our black satin stain hoops with matching inlay, and all top quality hardware. This was custom built for our head endorsee Karl Wilcox of the uber famous rock band DIAMOND HEAD for his latest tour. Sizes include 16×22″, 9×12″ rack, 14×14″ and 16×16″ floor toms. More pieces to add-on later.

4pc aged wmp 3ply karl kit

4pc aged wmp 3ply karl kit badge

4pc aged wmp 3ply karl kit kick drum