Our drums come stock with only top of the line parts that many other companies
will charge a ridiculous upcharge for.  We have a wide range of options available
to meet your imagination, while maintaing a high caliber of quality and sound.
Below are only some of the options, but also what our drums come stock with.


  • Your choice of series, size, & finish
  • Full length double ended tube lugs
  • 2.3mm triple flanged hoops
  • Trick multi step throwoff
  • German bronze snare wires
  • Matching tension rods
  • Sleeved nylon washers
  • Remo drumheads


  • Your choice of series, sizes, & finish
  • Mini 1″ tube lugs
  • 2.3mm triple flanged hoops
  • Heavy duty pro bass spurs
  • Die cast bass drum claws
  • DSS suspension tom mounts
  • Mounted floor tom brackets
  • Air suspension floor tom legs
  • Heavy duty hinged mounting brackets
  • Matching tension rods
  • Sleeved nylon washers
  • Choice of bass logo head
  • Remo drumheads


  • Split snare lugs single ended
  • Offset 50% or 7/8 lugs (no charge!!)
  • Die cast hoops, single flanged hoops, etc.
  • Various wood hoops
  • Non-drilled floor tom cradles
  • Custom hardware plating or powder coating
  • Exotic veneer or custom paint
  • Thousands of finish options
  • Bass logo head artwork or emblems
  • Hoop inlays
  • Installed reinforcement rings
  • Striped finishes, etc.
  • Plus much, much more



Double 45°
Our double 45  degree bearing edge features an offset convex with a softly rounded apex.  Featured on our Players Series drums.  This bearing edge creates a smooth blend of high energy transfer and enough natural muffling to add a fat, warm tone and plenty of attack.

Rounded 45°
Our rounded 45 degree bearing edge is featured on all of our Standard Series Maple, Studio Series Birch, Solid Single Ply Steambent, and most other drums.  This edge creates a smooth head transfer as the outer radius conforms better to the drumhead making a full warm tone with easy tuning.

Fully Rounded
This fully rounded bearing edge is usually only used for a final touch on our wood hoops, but can be cut on any drum.  This edge will create the most amount of naturally muffling and very soft tone but the least amount of attack.  Featured on our 1/8″ Thick Aluminum Series drums.

Vintage Rounded
Much like our rounded 45 bearing edge but with a larger radius for the fattest tone and a vintage style sounds.  This edge works best with shells that have installed reinforcement rings, like our Vintage Mahogany and Vintage Maple Series.

Single 45°
A single 45 degree bearing edge is probably one of the most widely used edges by major brands.  We feature this edge on most of our Stave Series drums as it creates the most dynamic level of playing and wide tuning range.  This can be a harder edge to tune as it has the least amount head contact.

30° Rounded
A 30 degree edge has less angle in the slope from the apex, so the drum has more edge contact than a standard 45 degree but also more attack than a more rounded edge.  A popular edge from American drum companies that we rarely use unless when recutting edges on those specific drums as repairs.

We have tested multiple styles of snare beds to determine our own ideal profile. A medium depth that slopes just past the first set of lugs with just the right amount of curve. All snare beds are perfectly cut on a specific template that insures all beds are cut exactly the same and equal. Then the bearing edge profile is hand sanded into the beds to blend with the rest of the shell. This creates a smooth and even snare buzz that is ultra sensitive yet controlled for rimshots or heavy playing.

Only our Vintage Mahogany and Vintage Maple Series shells have installed reinforcement rings. This helps add to their vintage sound and aspect of the these shells. Our Standard, Players, and Studio Series do not have re-rings unless specifically requested. We feel these shells are strong enough on their own without the rings and allow the pure shells to keep their wide dynamic range. Any shell can have added re-rings which will increase the fundamental shell pitch and help control overtones. Standard re-rings are usually 6ply maple, but can be purchased in 3ply, 5ply, 8ply and 10ply as special order. Solid Single Ply Steambent Series shells come stock with solid wood re-rings to keep the traditional aspect and shell integrity. Stave and Segment Series shells are available with built in re-rings for an upgrade. See our PRICE LIST for more info and pricing.

All of our shells get finished on the inside of the drum, starting with an initial sanding that uniforms the shells to all the same smoothness and then sealed with our own specific sealer. This helps to protect the wood from all outside elements and uniform the sound. A final burnishing afterwards seals the wood and creates a professional finished look where the wood hardens from the inside out. Some builders skip this step and leave raw wood or use a heavy finish equalled to multiple coats that all effects the sound of the drum and longevity of quality. We have experimented with dozens of different finishes and have concluded our more expensive blend works best for all applications and help create our distinct sound.

We offer multiple ply configurations in both maple and birch, various solid hardwood shells, multiple metal snares, as well as carbon fiber and acrylic shells. We have the experience not only building but also playing all types of these shell and we can help guide you through all the various differences and their suited applications. Visit our SERIES PAGE for all info and types.

  • Standard Series Maple 6ply toms and 8ply kicks and snares
  • Players Series Maple 8ply toms and 8ply kicks and snares
  • Studio Series Birch 6ply toms and 8ply kicks and snares
  • Vintage 3ply with poplar cores
  • Vintage Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany 6ply shells with maple re-rings
  • Vintage Maple/Poplar/Maple 6ply shells with maple re-rings
  • Solid Single Ply Steambent all sizes
  • Stave shells in all sizes and thicknesses
  • Segment shells in all sizes and thicknesses
  • Carbon Fiber shells all sizes
  • CF2 thin carbon fiber
  • CarbonPly maple shells with inner carbon fiber
  • Vintage carbon fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Vintage brass
  • Brass
  • Hammered Brass
  • Acrylic all sizes and colors