We use a true hand rubbed varnish blend for a super smooth finish that is then hand polished and waxed to a satin sheen. This over natural wood of your shell choice. The result is a natural open grained protective satin finish that enhances the grain and figuring. There is no excessive paint, glue or product to distract the natural tone of the wood. The matte satin finish produces a slight sheen while sealing and protecting the wood.


We mix our own stains in house and can develop any shade or match any color. You want something darker or lighter? Sure, no problem. You want a specific color from something you already own, or have an idea you’ve seen elsewhere? Ya, we can do all that. Any tone or color can be mixed which creates a see thru color to enhance the natural grain and character of the wood.  Fades and burst colors to either natural or other colors can also be added.

We use all the most popular wraps available on the market, as well as the ability to order custom sheets. Some of the wraps are available in vintage style sparkle to modern shimmery glass glitters, and classic style marine pearls, oysters, onyx, silk ripples, and solids. Custom colors in all styles are available along with fades or bursts or custom logos and artwork. Custom topcoat sheens are available in our standard high gloss, satin, metallic, or matte level finishes. Color stripes are also available in any style. Every wrap is professionally adhered to each shell for a permanent bond and is blended with all bearing edges.

We use only the highest grade polyurethane top coat for our premium gloss clear that rivals the same caliber as the auto industry or any drum company. We use a highly durable finish that creates a non-yellowing clear finish that has superior sheen and great scratch resistance. Each drum is properly prepped and sealed, then clear coated and polished to a high luster that remains flexible and “wet” looking for years to come. You have your choice of either natural wood, or any stain color, or any solid opaque basecoat colors or solid metallics. We can match any solid color, much like any autobody shop, or can custom mix any color to your specific liking.

Custom upgrades from our standard high quality Lacquer Series with your choice of adding any color fade or burst, sparkle metallic flakes or color changing colors or custom designs and logos. Kandy colors are available in various tints for a transparent color that shows the grain of the wood but with a more even and brilliant shade than a wood stain. Multiple top coats including matte or satin finish is also available in place of our high gloss. We offer the highest quality custom paint finish for any drum that will help you stand out in any crowd.

A creatively custom paint design, where no two are identical. Each drum is completely unique. Available under our supreme high gloss, satin or matte sheen topcoats. Samples are shown over solid black basecoats, but any color can be used. Silver Metallic can be used as a basecoat under any of our Kandy Color Tints for a ton of depth in the finish that’s a mile deep. Fades and bursts are also available. Add multiple colors for even more awesomeness!

We use all types of exotic woods for either ply shells with a veneer, or solid exotic woods available for our Stave Series and Solid Single Ply Steambent Series or Segment Series. Solid exotic woods for our staves, segments, and steambent series are all solid hardwoods picked for structural integrity and uniqueness. We search for only AAA grade wood veneers or higher for our drums. Each sheet is hand picked for its figure, color, and uniqueness. If you order a kit or multiple drums, all veneers are sequence matched for a perfect blended look. All veneers can be finished with our premium high gloss or other finish options.