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Sweet Gold Glass Glitter Maple Kit

One of our favorite colors that is just too under-used. This Standard Series 3pc kit wrapped in Gold Glass Glitter fits perfectly for our customer, JOHN MESSIER, who plays in the high energy band POP FICTION that sports some of the top dance, pop, rock, and plenty more music from the past 6 decades. They are one of the top gigging cover bands in the greater California area. This kit features chrome tail light lugs, an upgraded aluminum Gauger suspension tom mount, vintage style butterfly claws, pro spurs and heavy duty round brackets. Sizes are 8×12″ rack tom, 14×14″ floor tom, and a 16×22″ kick drum.

Check out Pop Fiction here:

5.5×14″ Maple 10ply Silver Glass Glitter

A Players Series maple 10ply shell wrapped in our popular silver glass glitter and chrome hardware. The silver glass glitter really shines under stage lights and pick up the stage lights beautifully. This 5.5×14″ size creates a versatile drum and the thicker 10ply shell adds tons of crack and sensitivity. All chrome hardware matches the silver glass stunningly, including full length solid brass tube lugs, the added die cast hoops for better rimshots, a RCK throwoff, and German brass snare wires.

5.5×14″ Copper Pearl Birch Snare

A Studio Series birch 8ply shell wrapped in Copper Marine Pearl with GN double ended snare lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and a RCK throwoff. The chrome hardware looks great against this classic color wrap. This 5.5×14″ snare has a focused tone that is warmer than maple and less overtones. They sound great under the microphone or live on stage.

3pc Silver Sparkle Maple Kit w/ 20″ Kick

A classic looking kit in classic sizes. We built this kit for a new church in San Francisco looking for an all around kit that would suit multiple players, yet not overwhelm the band our the front row audience. A 3pc Standard Series kit in classic silver sparkle wrap with all chrome hardware. Sizes are 8×12″ & 14×14″ maple 6ply toms, and a 16×20″ maple 8ply kick. Warm and punchy with just the right amount of attack and volume.

6.5×14″ Blue Glass Glitter Snare

One of our workhorse snare drums. A perfectly versatile 6.5×14″ Standard Series 8ply maple snare wrapped in blue glass glitter with all chrome hardware. This drum embraces total versatility as it has plenty of warm body, a woody crack and a huge tuning range. We built this drum for a very well established local drummer, JON LAZARUS (Berklee College of Music, Boston grad), who plays all styles of music from fast hitting punk rock to small coffee shop jazz gigs, to a big airy rock sounding band and everything else in between. Jon’s eclectic style of playing obviously requires a great all around drum that is versatile and can be played and tuned to match all of his bands in the studio and live. One of our favorite snare drums, and his.

Check out Jon Lazarus and his videos here:

CT Backstage Promo

Another dramatic black & white photo, this time backstage featuring Ruben Rios¬†6.5×14″ vintage mahogany snare drum wrapped in aged white marine pearl. This was taken backstage at The Federalists¬†show:

7×14″ White on White 15ply

5.5×14″ Blue Sparkle 7ply Maple