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5×14″ Curly Maple Stave

Unbelievable amounts of body and full wood tone come from thinner stave drums. Solid wood stave drums are available in all varieties of wood types, shell thicknesses and sizes. This gives you ultimate control to capture the individual tonal qualities of each specific wood, the amount of body or attack and volume due to it’s thickness, all with your requested size of depth and diameter. This natural satin oil 5×14″ curly maple 7/16″ stave has a sweet drum tone and an amazing amount of body for it’s 5″ depth. Attached are turret double ended lugs that create less mass on the shell and only one drilling point, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, a Nickelworks black and chrome throwoff.

6.5×14″ Bubinga Stave Snare

A 1/2″ thick solid bubinga Stave Series snare drum finished in our satin specialty lacquer. This drum has tons of warm low end and it’s shell thickness adds a better projection and high end pop; truly a great combo. This 6.5×14″ shell is finished in our satin specialty natural lacquer which is a high end paint featuring the same great properties as our high gloss, but with a 30% sheen level. This finish has excellent scratch resistance, is highly durable and creates a smooth topcoat. The black nickel hardware shows off this shell excellently. Full length tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops and a Trick throwoff.

5×14″ Padauk & Maple Stave

The combination of 2 incredible woods for a drum. Padauk has a nice bite but naturally has a darker tone that is complimented with alternating staves of maple, a staple material choice for drums, which adds high end crack and warmth. The thin 3/8″ shell provides the most amount of low end body and resonance while retaining strength integrity. Stave drums have a bit more tone than a typical ply shell with a unique look. This 5×14″ snare features turret double ended lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and a Trick multi step throwoff.

A 1″ Thick Maple Stave Snare

5×14″ Exotic Wood Padauk Stave Snare

A more exotic wood type used for this 5×14″ Stave Series snare. Padauk is a hard, dense wood with great acoustic properties. It has a touch darker sound than typical maple but extremely warm with a wider tuning range and a bit more clarity. The 1/2″ thickness adds volume and high end attack. The included chrome hardware features rounded double ended lugs for minimal mass and shell contact, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, a Nickelworks clear and chrome throwoff, german brass snare wires and Remo drumheads.

7×14″ Purpleheart & Ash Stave 1.5″ Thick

7×13″ Bubinga & Maple Stave w/ Satin Chrome Hardware