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3pc Burnt Sienna Nesting Kit

A unique way to make your kit more portable when less bags to carry is ideal. Each shell fits inside of the next larger drum to utilize space, as the kick drum is carried within a padded case. The kick and floor tom both are split shells with an installed maple reinforcement ring to add shell integrity and prevent any loss of sound. Custom draw latches that are specially drilled to prevent shell turning or rotating. Various thickness foam pieces are inserted when nesting (or soft padded bags depending on sizes) for safe and protected travels when hauling to the next gig. Finished in Burnt Sienna Satin Stain over Standard Series Maple shells. 9×12″ rack tom, 14×16″ floor tom, 16×20″ kick drum with a vintage rail tom mount that is easily removed and packed away. Other hardware includes tail light lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, DSS tom suspension mount, rounded butterfly claws, and pro spurs.

6.5×14″ Burnt Sienna with 4.5mm Rolled Steel Hoops

A great mix of old school with modern tech. The shell is a thin 7ply all maple construction with added 7ply reinforcement rings. This shell creates a very fat, open body with a touch of focus and cut from the re-rings. The 4.5mm cold rolled steel hoops are similar to vintage single flange hoops that give the drum a more boxy, older tone but since the hoops are much thicker and are heavy steel, they produce more cut and heavy rimshots. These hoops can be considered a cross of die cast and single flanged hoops. A very deep sounding drum with good crack and plenty of punch. Finished in our popular Burnt Sienna Satin Stain. Fitted with the best hardware available, including a new all chrome Trick multi step throwoff, chrome over solid brass tube lugs, steel mini claws, Remo drumheads and German snare wires.

6.5×14″ Curly Maple Snare

A Players Series 6.5×14″ maple 10ply shell with an outer exotic curly maple veneer and added 6ply reinforcement rings. Finished in natural satin stain that really pops the unique curly wood figuring with all chrome hardware. A new chrome plated Trick multi-step throwoff, full length tube lugs x10, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, Remo drumheads, and German snare wires. This drum has a very wide tuning range and extra sensitivity due to the added re-rings which help lead this drum for any style of music or player. A very versatile drum with a killer look.

6.5×13″ Blood Red Satin Stain Snare

Built for MIKE DAVI of the rock band DAMAURA. This is his second CT snare drum. A Players Series 6.5×13″ maple 10ply shell in a custom blended color “blood red”. The stain has a very dark red base with flowing highlights of lighter cherry colored grain while popping the unique wood figuring. All black nickel hardware includes double ended GN snare lugs, a Trick multi-step throwoff, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, Remo drumheads, and a set of German brass snare wires. This drum has a ton of pop and volume with great crack and sensitivity due to the thicker 10ply and 13″ diameter, with plenty of open tone and wide tuning range with the triple flanged hoops.


5.5×14″ Blood Red Satin Stain w/ Black Nickel

A deep, dark red stain under satin oil that looks great with our black nickel hardware. This 5.5×14″ Standard Series 8ply maple features GN double ended lugs which utilize only one mounting screw so there is less shell drilling, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, a Trick multi step throwoff, german snare wires and Remo drumheads.

This drum now resides in Australia.