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3pc Bebop Kit Midnight Blue Satin Oil

This is a custom blended color made in house for Adam Wilson. This is his first of two CT kits made. A Standard Series maple bebop kit that sounds great tuned way up for jazz or just for smaller sizes which is great for lighter travel and smaller stage setups. Standard Series feature 6ply maple toms and an 8ply kick which is great for all styles of music and tuning. This kit features an 8×12″ rack, 14×14″ floor, 14×18″ kick all in Midnight Blue Satin Oil with all chrome hardware. Another cool feature is our single tom bass drum mount that is the most versatile on the market and allows the drummer a quicker setup time and less stands to carry. All chrome hardware top the kit off, including mini 1″ tube lugs 50% offset, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, pro spurs, heavy duty round brackets, DSS suspension system and air pocket floor tom legs.