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Ian Dwyer of Heavy Lies The Crown

A promo shot of Ian Dwyer endorsing his Crockett Tubs 7×14″ maple 15ply snare drum in white on white finish scheme. Check out this monster of a drum live on their recordings here:

CT Backstage Promo

Another dramatic black & white photo, this time backstage featuring Ruben Rios¬†6.5×14″ vintage mahogany snare drum wrapped in aged white marine pearl. This was taken backstage at The Federalists¬†show:

Maxx Sherman live with Via Coma

A few live shots of Maxx Sherman playing his Crockett Tubs natural 4pc Players Series maple kit with Via Coma.

Jeff Marrs Live

Jeff Marrs rocking his sweet lil 3pc neo-jazz kit. It is a maple Standard Series kit with added 5ply reinforcement hoops, die cast hoops, tube lugs and in some killer sizes only Jeff could rock…. 13×16″ kick drum, 7×12″ rack tom, and 13×13″ floor tom. All in blue sparkle wrap. When tuned up this kit has that dry Gretsch jazz feel and plays great with sticks or brushes. Jeff gets raved comments constantly, but it’s more the drummer than the drumkit I think. Check out Jeff’s website for any of his multiple bands, college courses, and private lessons.

If you’re wondering about his aftermarket bass head sticker, it says “Drum Machines Have No Soul”. I agree.