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5.5×14″ Copper Pearl Birch Snare

A Studio Series birch 8ply shell wrapped in Copper Marine Pearl with GN double ended snare lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and a RCK throwoff. The chrome hardware looks great against this classic color wrap. This 5.5×14″ snare has a focused tone that is warmer than maple and less overtones. They sound great under the microphone or live on stage.

6×13″ Custom Painted Silver Sand Sparkle Flake

5.5×14″ Custom Painted Canadian Blue Flake High Gloss

Hammered Brass Snare

Custom Painted FTP Snare

5.5×14″ Granite Pearl

5.5×14″ Piano Black High Gloss Snare

A 1″ Thick Maple Stave Snare