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Alma Desnuda Live Street Performance

Joe Glaser playing his CT bebop maple kit with Alma Desnuda live in a street concert show in Danville, CA. Check out his band here:

Matt Kadi Recording @ Atomic Garden Studio

An closeup of Matt Kadi‘s kit under the mics at Atomic Garden Studio recording their latest Build Us Airplanes EP. Check their website for upcoming album:

4pc Black Stain High Gloss BeBop Kit

A new 4pc kit with matching snare for our buddy Nick Fishman who is currently on tour with his new kit throughout the US and then off on his European tour. After hours of consulting with Nick, we determined that our thinner Standard Series Maple of 6ply toms and an 8ply kick with added custom made 3ply maple reinforcement rings would be the best drumkit possible for him and his various music styles. Our thin maple shells offer tons of body and low end but the installed re-rings add just a touch of high end cut. The color is a dark black transparent stain where you can still see the wood grain (just not in the photos of course) with our high gloss topcoat. We left the insie of the kick hoops natural for a nice wood contrast. A very cool sounding and classy looking bop kit. Sizes include 14×18″ kick, 5.5×14″ snare, 8×12″ tom, 14×14″ floor all with chrome hardware and a single tom bass drum mount installed.

Check out Nick’s website here….

Jeff Marrs live on his CT drumkit

A quick video of our good friend JEFF MARRS playing with the Ben Benkert Band ( in San Francisco, CA. Jeff also has a small 3pc kit w/ a 16” bass drum and 12” & 13” toms that he uses for his jazz gigs. You can continually find Jeff playing with various artists around the Bay Area and beyond. He also teaches classes at the Jazzschool in Berkeley and co-leads the Los Medanos College Jazz Ensemble.

Visit Jeff’s website here for more info:

For more videos of this gig:

4pc Custom Painted Satin Black

A cool custom painted Players Series kit in all satin gloss piano black with a satin white painted stripe on the bass hoops to replicate an inlay. The satin gloss topcoat is a specialty clear coat that is the same quality of our high gloss lacquer but with a custom flattening agent to keep a low sheen, much like a cool hotrod. Unlike our satin stain series, this is a heavier clear coat that works with any basecoat, from transparent, solids, sparkle flakes, kandy, etc. The satin black looks killer with the all chrome hardware, including 1″ mini tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, heavy duty brackets, pro spurs, and die cast claws. The sizes include 9×13″ rack tom, 14×16″ & 16×18″ floor toms, and a punchy 20×22″ kick drum.

3pc Silver Sparkle Maple Kit w/ 20″ Kick

A classic looking kit in classic sizes. We built this kit for a new church in San Francisco looking for an all around kit that would suit multiple players, yet not overwhelm the band our the front row audience. A 3pc Standard Series kit in classic silver sparkle wrap with all chrome hardware. Sizes are 8×12″ & 14×14″ maple 6ply toms, and a 16×20″ maple 8ply kick. Warm and punchy with just the right amount of attack and volume.

Jeff Marrs Live

Jeff Marrs rocking his sweet lil 3pc neo-jazz kit. It is a maple Standard Series kit with added 5ply reinforcement hoops, die cast hoops, tube lugs and in some killer sizes only Jeff could rock…. 13×16″ kick drum, 7×12″ rack tom, and 13×13″ floor tom. All in blue sparkle wrap. When tuned up this kit has that dry Gretsch jazz feel and plays great with sticks or brushes. Jeff gets raved comments constantly, but it’s more the drummer than the drumkit I think. Check out Jeff’s website for any of his multiple bands, college courses, and private lessons.

If you’re wondering about his aftermarket bass head sticker, it says “Drum Machines Have No Soul”. I agree.

3pc Bebop Kit Midnight Blue Satin Oil

This is a custom blended color made in house for Adam Wilson. This is his first of two CT kits made. A Standard Series maple bebop kit that sounds great tuned way up for jazz or just for smaller sizes which is great for lighter travel and smaller stage setups. Standard Series feature 6ply maple toms and an 8ply kick which is great for all styles of music and tuning. This kit features an 8×12″ rack, 14×14″ floor, 14×18″ kick all in Midnight Blue Satin Oil with all chrome hardware. Another cool feature is our single tom bass drum mount that is the most versatile on the market and allows the drummer a quicker setup time and less stands to carry. All chrome hardware top the kit off, including mini 1″ tube lugs 50% offset, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, pro spurs, heavy duty round brackets, DSS suspension system and air pocket floor tom legs.