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7×14″ Solid Segment Purpleheart

Pimp = purple and gold for sure. A killer segmented shell of solid exotic wood Purpleheart in natural high gloss lacquer. Yup, no stains or dyes used, leave it up to mother nature to create this naturally beautiful wood. Coupled with all brass hardware really makes the colors pop. This a 7×14″ shell for extra depth and tone which is already enhanced by the 1/2″ thick solid wood segments. It includes full length tube lugs, Trick multi step throwoff, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, Remo drumheads and our new phosphorous bronze 20 strand snare wires.

5×14″ Karelian Birch Slingerland Snare

A unique shell constructed of thin maple ply with an inside and outside ply of exotic karelian birch. This custom shell was provided by Stone Custom Drum Co which has recently acquired and retooled all the old Slingerland shell molds. The drum has a very warm sound and great fat tone for a softer touch and that classic vintage sound. We can work with Stone Custom Drums to produce unique vintage slingerland style shells for any customer in sizes 12″, 13″ and 14″ for now and more sizes coming. Finished in our natural high gloss lacquer with all black nickel hardware. The added 8 lugs creates a fatter feel and depth instead of a typical 10 lug version that has more high end crack and wide dynamics.

6×14″ maple & cocobolo segment shell with wenge stripes

A uniquely designed segment shell that is 3/8″ thick in all solid wood maple with an exotic cocobolo inner section and wenge wood border stripes. All finished in our premium high gloss clear coat which can be a very daunting task on exotic woods. The hardware is our custom plated antique brushed copper that matches perfectly with the dark wood grain and warm colored undertones. Special touches also include the custom plated parts on the Trick multi step throwoff and butt plate, along with a custom made matching cocobolo tear drop knob on the throwoff handle.

Marbelizer Paint Design Colors

A creatively custom paint design, where no two are identical. Each drum is completely unique.

Available under our supreme high gloss, satin or matte sheen topcoats. Samples are shown over solid black basecoats, but any color can be used. Silver Metallic can be used as a basecoat under any of our Kandy Color Tints for a ton of depth in the finish that’s a mile deep. Fades and bursts are also available.

Add multiple colors for even more awesomeness! Custom colors also available.

Contact us for more details.

{** Due to monitor and organic differences, colors and designs 
are representations only that can vary in person. **}

Sparkle Flake Colors (Paint)

We use some of the best available paint products, including our sparkle flakes. They have unbelievable brilliance and shimmer with tons of colors to choose from.

These sample pictures show different lighting and how it changes the color of the flake.

Top left = direct sun or stage lights
middle = medium color most seen
bottom right = dark room or in the shade

Different size flakes are available. From ultra mini flake (.002″), mini flake (.004″), our standard size medium flake (.008″), and large flake (.015″). A larger flake will have greater shimmer and reflect more light, while smaller flake has greater coverage of color and a smoother look.

Kandy Color Tints are available over silver flake for intense depth of color and custom options. Fades and bursts available. Mix colors or flake sizes for extra variations.

All available under our premium high gloss, satin, or matte sheen topcoats.

Contact us for more details.

{** Due to monitor and organic differences, colors and
shimmer are representations only that can vary in person. **}

Painted shells out the door…..

Some custom painted drum shells we sent out this week. We can supply you with any shell available or send in your own, with any color paint, stain, kandy, sparkle flake, fade, color match, etc added to your liking. If you build your own drums instead of a complete drum, or anything in between, we can help you out. Added bearing edges cut, snare beds, drilling for hardware, installed reinforcement rings, parts, wrap, etc.

Here are a few shells shipped out in our super high gloss. And yes we know how to pack em so they get to you scratch free and damage free.

Email us here with any questions

Purple Kandy Fade Paint Job

We did this custom paint job for a good friend on his own handmade maple stave shells. This was a custom blend of 2 colors creating this vibrant Purple Kandy that fades to natural maple under our high gloss finish. These raw shell pictures are before we buffed them to a flat mirror finish, and then one completed by the customer with his choice of parts. Contact us if you would like any help with your next drum build within any area of completion. We offer all the same paint, wrap, bearing edges, drilling, parts, shells, etc., that you would find our own high quality CT drums.

Contact us here with any questions:

5×14″ Solid Shell Birdseye Maple w/ Matching Wood Hoops

Here is a highly figured exotic birdseye maple solid steam bent shell in a natural high gloss finish with custom made “Yamaha” style 32ply maple wood hoops with inner and outer plies of exotic birdseye veneer.  We picked the highest grade AAA birdseye maple available which is getting harder and harder to find as birdseye figuring only occurs in less than 5% of all maple.  Other hardware includes a Trick multi step throwoff, solid chrome over brass tube lugs, puresound wires and Remo drumheads.