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4pc Custom Painted Satin Black

A cool custom painted Players Series kit in all satin gloss piano black with a satin white painted stripe on the bass hoops to replicate an inlay. The satin gloss topcoat is a specialty clear coat that is the same quality of our high gloss lacquer but with a custom flattening agent to keep a low sheen, much like a cool hotrod. Unlike our satin stain series, this is a heavier clear coat that works with any basecoat, from transparent, solids, sparkle flakes, kandy, etc. The satin black looks killer with the all chrome hardware, including 1″ mini tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, heavy duty brackets, pro spurs, and die cast claws. The sizes include 9×13″ rack tom, 14×16″ & 16×18″ floor toms, and a punchy 20×22″ kick drum.

6×13″ Custom Painted Silver Sand Sparkle Flake

5.5×14″ Custom Painted Canadian Blue Flake High Gloss

6.5×14″ Bubinga Stave Snare

A 1/2″ thick solid bubinga Stave Series snare drum finished in our satin specialty lacquer. This drum has tons of warm low end and it’s shell thickness adds a better projection and high end pop; truly a great combo. This 6.5×14″ shell is finished in our satin specialty natural lacquer which is a high end paint featuring the same great properties as our high gloss, but with a 30% sheen level. This finish has excellent scratch resistance, is highly durable and creates a smooth topcoat. The black nickel hardware shows off this shell excellently. Full length tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops and a Trick throwoff.

All White Snare Drum

A Standard Series snare drum in a solid white custom lacquer high gloss with matching white powder coated hardware. This 5.5×14″ maple 8ply shell has more body than most typical custom company’s snare drums that use a thicker shell, which is great for heavy hitters but can be too aggressive at times. Our Standard Series 8ly maple shells have great depth and a broad tuning range. This snare is featuring 7/8th offset tail light lugs, EGO throwoff, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and even a matching air vent.

Custom Painted FTP Snare

5.5×14″ Piano Black High Gloss Snare

7×14″ Purpleheart & Ash Stave 1.5″ Thick