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Sparkle Flake Colors (Paint)

We use some of the best available paint products, including our sparkle flakes. They have unbelievable brilliance and shimmer with tons of colors to choose from.

These sample pictures show different lighting and how it changes the color of the flake.

Top left = direct sun or stage lights
middle = medium color most seen
bottom right = dark room or in the shade

Different size flakes are available. From ultra mini flake (.002″), mini flake (.004″), our standard size medium flake (.008″), and large flake (.015″). A larger flake will have greater shimmer and reflect more light, while smaller flake has greater coverage of color and a smoother look.

Kandy Color Tints are available over silver flake for intense depth of color and custom options. Fades and bursts available. Mix colors or flake sizes for extra variations.

All available under our premium high gloss, satin, or matte sheen topcoats.

Contact us for more details.

{** Due to monitor and organic differences, colors and
shimmer are representations only that can vary in person. **}

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Free Shipping from our web store!!!

FREE SHIPPING on any item available in our web store.
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5pc Custom Painted Blood Red Marbelizer

An amazing custom painted drum kit for our good friend and amazing credited drummer KARL WILCOX of the well known hard rock band DIAMONDHEAD. This is only one of a few kits we have scheduled for Karl for his US and European tours this year alone. Be on the lookout for this kit and others with his solo side projects.
This Players Series Maple drumkit was custom painted high gloss blood red over black marbelizer which creates an unusual swirled marble design with metallic red flake. An unreal finish and fully custom! Hardware includes solid made chrome over brass mini 1″ tube lugs inline, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, heavy duty pro spurs and floor tom brackets, Yamaha YESS mounts on rack toms to work with the customer’s reliable stands, rubber gasketed die cast bass hoop claws. Drum sizes are 8×10″ tom, 9×12″ tom, 12×14″ Floor, 14×16″ floor, 18×22″ kick.

Check out Karl w/ DiamondHead for their latest tour here:

Acrylic Shell Options

Piano Black Snare w/ Custom S-Hoops

Typically one of the notoriously hardest finishes to get right. Our perfect piano black solid lacquer is created with the purest black pigment and a flawlessly smooth gloss top coat that creates a true mirror reflection. A true first-class finish on a versatile snare drum size and thickness. Proven to be great for any style of music. Also featured on this snare are specialty S-Hoops that have a reverse flange on the top of the hoop that flattens out across the drumhead to add extra crack to your rimshots and cross stick sounds. S-hoops are compared to die cast hoops but with open tone of typical triple flanged hoops. A 5.5×14″ Standard Series 8ply Maple shell including ten full length chrome over brass tube lugs, a Trick multi step throwoff, and german snare wires.

A Perfect Wedding Gift

Thinking of a special gift for a musician? Or a memorable mantel piece? We built this for our good friends Joe & Julie Webb as a surprise wedding gift. This utilizes our specialty graphics and is a great example of our custom wraps. A special 6×12″ maple 6ply shell with split (top and bottom) 1″ mini tube lugs and 2.3mm triple flanged hoops. Congrats guys!!!

Solid Shell Rosewood Snare w/ Custom Lugs

A solid steam bent single ply shell of exotic rosewood drenched in our super high gloss with custom made Arc lugs, single flanged chrome over brass hoops, and a Nickelworks throwoff. We built this snare for 2010 Chicago Custom & Vintage Show contest held by DrumFoundry, where this drum competed with several others and judged by esteemed professional drummer Gavin Harrison from the influential band Porcupine Tree. This drum finished 2nd place and we were proud our drum got sent in to the show.

The single flanged hoops with clips opens up the drum a bit with a soft touch and deeper tone. The hoops along with the solid rosewood shell create a vintage tone that has killer dynamics!

Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree judging the Chicago Snare Constest 2010