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3pc Blue Glass Glitter Kit Perfect For The Live Playing Drummer

This sweet 3pc Players Series kit is featured in the ever popular blue glass glitter wrap. This color wrap always gets the most compliments as a great shade of blue, and brilliantly sparkles under the lights. Our Players Series shells are slighter thicker to add increased volume and projection while playing live over heavy guitar riffs and huge amps. They have plenty of tone and don’t choke under heavy hitters. This kit has an 18×22″ kick, 9×12″ rack and a 16×16″ floor tom for a versatile 3pc setup. All Crockett Tubs standard parts are featured, including 1″ mini tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, pro spurs, round hinged brackets, 12″ DSS suspension tom mount, die cast bass claws and Remo drumheads.

3pc blue glass kit

Another CT Exclusive 6.5×14″ Tarnished Vintage Brass

Yet another exclusive CT snare drum. We have more of these shells built to our exact specs coming soon! These shells are built to our exact specs and have been flying off the shelf! Shown here in 6.5×14″ Tarnished Brass w/ chrome hardware and a RCK throwoff. These drums have great warm brass tone, insane articulation, full depth and dynamics perfect for any player. Available with all sorts of lug options, various hoops, and throwoffs.

6.5x14" tarnished RCK

4pc Aged WMP New 3ply Shells

A brand new series! These vintage style 3ply shells feature a thick ply of poplar sandwiched between 2 plies of maple for a full bodied and extremely warm tone. All custom built on the original Slingerland molds. Also available in walnut/poplar/walnut and mahogany/poplar/mahogany or any combination. Solid maple reinforcement rings are also available or as a straight wall shell for the deepest tone like these shown above. More info coming soon!

This 4pc kit finished in aged white marine pearl with mini tube lugs is completed with our black satin stain hoops with matching inlay, and all top quality hardware. This was custom built for our head endorsee Karl Wilcox of the uber famous rock band DIAMOND HEAD for his latest tour. Sizes include 16×22″, 9×12″ rack, 14×14″ and 16×16″ floor toms. More pieces to add-on later.

4pc aged wmp 3ply karl kit

4pc aged wmp 3ply karl kit badge

4pc aged wmp 3ply karl kit kick drum

A Couple New Vintage Brass Snares

Our proprietary new Vintage Brass series snare drums recently finished. The first is a 5.5×14″ in Tarnished finish with all chrome hardware including vintage solid brass tube lugs, a Trick multi step throwoff and die cast hoops for a better rimshot and bolder tone. Custom built for our good friend John Messier of POP FICTION. The second snare is also for another repeat customer shown in a 6.5×14″ polished brass finish with chrome hardware as well. These vintage brass series drums have sold remarkably well with rave reviews. Look out for more coming in shortly if you’d like to get on the waiting list. Click here for more info.

5.5x14 tarnished

6.5x14 brass die cast

3pc Black Glass Glitter – Pop Fiction

A classy kit for our friend John Messier of POP FICTION. This is actually John’s third kit from us. It is a black glass glitter Standard Series maple kit with all chrome hardware. There’s quite a few custom touches on these drums, including an internal bass drum Kelly Shu mount with an XLR jack mounted to the top of the kick drum, Gauger aluminum tom suspension mount, and new DW Truehoops on the toms. Sizes include 8.5×13″ rack tom, 15×15″ floor tom, and a 16×22″ kick. Other hardware includes tail light lugs, round heavy duty brackets, pro spurs, and vintage butterfly claws.

5.5×14″ Walnut Stave Snare

What do you do with some left over walnut boards? Well, build a cool snare drum of course! A killer little snare drum that is great for recording, jazz, soft rock, etc. It has a drier tone than maple and a touch darker. Walnut is typically more mid focused as it is a much softer wood than maple which has extreme highs and lows. Everyone has loved this snare in our back stock and hopefully we can keep it long enough to make a video demo. This 5.5×14″ solid stave shell is only 3/8″ thick to help add more resonance and body. The drum is finished in our natural satin oil and shows off the amazing figure of this unique walnut, and take note of the second picture showcasing the sapwood walnut sections which is a lighter color. All chrome hardware includes full length tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and an RCK throwoff.