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7×13″ Solid Piano Black High Gloss

A popular drum size and snare type. A 7×13″ Standard Series 8ply maple shell done up in our fabulous solid piano black buffed to a mirror high gloss. The deeper shell gives the 13″ drum a powerful pop with a deeper tone and plenty of resonance due to the 8ply shell. If you like 13″ drums, this would be a favorite. A prime example of our perfect piano black finish that is highly desired yet one of the hardest finishes to pull off, yet we nail it! Fitted with full length tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops and a Trick multi step throwoff.

Hammered Brass Snare

Custom Painted FTP Snare

5.5×14″ Piano Black High Gloss Snare

7×14″ Bronze Glass Glitter w/ Black Nickel

6.5×14″ Carbon Fiber Snare