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5.5×14″ Polished Aluminum Bling!

Just got done taping up the box for this drum being shipped to Canada. It is our Aluminum Series snare drum in a high polished mirror like finish with all chrome hardware for the cleanest silvery bling possible! Our Aluminum Series drums are 1/8″ (3mm) thick shells with a perfectly cut fully rounded bearing edge that helps to cut down on the typical overtones of metal snares. Aluminum shells are about the driest sounding of all metal shells and has a chunky tone. The added heavy die cast hoops focus the shell further and add explosive rimshots. A very aggressive metal snare with a broad tuning range and versatility. This drum is fitted with all chrome hardware, including a Trick multi step throwoff, die cast hoops, full length tube lugs and a 42 strand German Brass wire set.


6.5×14″ High Polished Aluminum Snare

A unique snare drum that has a great metal sound. Our Aluminum Series feature a 1/8″ thick shell (the equivalent to a 3.2mm shell, instead of a typical thinner 1mm shell) which we cut a fully rounded bearing edge. This helps add a smooth shell to head contact that adds extra focus and deep tone to these shells. Aluminum is the driest of metal shell sounds with a bit of crunchy tone. Inherent aluminum shell sounds with our rounded bearing edge and smooth snare beds creates a fully blended metal snare that is great for any player that needs a powerful live sound and that great recording tone.

Shown here in our upgraded mirror high polish, also available in our standard brushed natural finish as well.

6.5×14″ Polished Aluminum