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5pc Custom Cobalt Blue Glass Glitter w/ Black Stripe Kit

Just in time to sneak under the Christmas tree. This is a sweet rock Players Series setup in a custom finish built for John Riggs. Sizes include a 16×24″ kick drum, 10×13″ rack tom, 16×16″ & 16×18″ floor toms, and a 7×14″ snare drum. All Players Series kits feature all maple shells with 8ply toms and 10ply kicks and snares. These shells give you great stick definition with warm tones, and a clear pronounce “cut” in the mix while playing with any band. The finish is a custom color wrap where you can choose any pantone color shade over standard glass glitter or other designs. This cobalt blue glass glitter wrap features a varying size black glass glitter offset stripe that pairs great with the all black nickel hardware. We also added black glass wrap on the inside of the bass hoops with a painted satin black edge to keep a seamless look.

4pc cobalt glass black stripe kit

7x14 cobalt glass black stripe snare

7×14″ Cherry Swirl Snare

This custom veneer is man-made from actual wood to create this psychedelic look. The 7×14″ all birch shell with custom veneer is naturally finished under our rich high gloss clear coat. Hardware includes black nickel parts with full length tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and a Trick multi step throwoff. Great focused pop and bottom end out of this unique snare drum.

7x14" cherry swirl

7x14" cherry swirl up close

7×14″ Bubinga & Maple Stave Snare

We combined two very popular woods made for their great drum tone to create a unique and powerful snare drum. With our vast array of solid woods to choose for your stave shells, we can mix or combine any choice as each wood type has a different tone, projection and attack. Bubinga is sonically a darker and deeper sound than maple which is already warm with plenty of tone and tuning range. This shell with alternating staves is a very deep sounding and well rounded snare drum with a bit more darker attack and lower tone. Finished in our natural satin oil topcoat paired with our unique satin chrome hardware, including full length tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, a Trick multi step throwoff, Puresound snare wires and Remo drumheads. This was the second CT drum built for GRADY SAXMAN, a very busy drummer in Nashville, TX.

Ian Dwyer of Heavy Lies The Crown

A promo shot of Ian Dwyer endorsing his Crockett Tubs 7×14″ maple 15ply snare drum in white on white finish scheme. Check out this monster of a drum live on their recordings here:

7×14″ White on White 15ply

7×14″ Purpleheart & Ash Stave 1.5″ Thick

7×14″ Bronze Glass Glitter w/ Black Nickel