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6.5×14″ Curly Maple Snare

A Players Series 6.5×14″ maple 10ply shell with an outer exotic curly maple veneer and added 6ply reinforcement rings. Finished in natural satin stain that really pops the unique curly wood figuring with all chrome hardware. A new chrome plated Trick multi-step throwoff, full length tube lugs x10, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, Remo drumheads, and German snare wires. This drum has a very wide tuning range and extra sensitivity due to the added re-rings which help lead this drum for any style of music or player. A very versatile drum with a killer look.

Piano Black Snare w/ Custom S-Hoops

Typically one of the notoriously hardest finishes to get right. Our perfect piano black solid lacquer is created with the purest black pigment and a flawlessly smooth gloss top coat that creates a true mirror reflection. A true first-class finish on a versatile snare drum size and thickness. Proven to be great for any style of music. Also featured on this snare are specialty S-Hoops that have a reverse flange on the top of the hoop that flattens out across the drumhead to add extra crack to your rimshots and cross stick sounds. S-hoops are compared to die cast hoops but with open tone of typical triple flanged hoops. A 5.5×14″ Standard Series 8ply Maple shell including ten full length chrome over brass tube lugs, a Trick multi step throwoff, and german snare wires.

Black Nickel Shell w/ Hammered Copper Inlay

A unique metal shell with sexy looks and a great sound. It features a 1.3mm steel shell plated in smooth black nickel and a hammered cooper inlay and two center beads. A similar shell to our brass series but with a touch drier sound and great sensitivity with it’s wide snare beds. Dressed in all chrome hardware. We may have to bring this shell into full production with regular availability.

6.5×14″ Titanium Snare!

Our Titanium Series shells are one of the finest made shells on the market! All shells are first programmed through CAD, then water-jet cut to perfect length and all holes are perfectly cut for precise alignment and placement. This ensures the strictest tolerances for any metal shell. This drum is finished in our brushed natural finish with a satin sheen, also available in mirror high polished. The 6.5×14″ snare drum is fitted with full length chrome over brass tube lugs, die cast hoops, a Trick multi step throwoff, and Remo drumheads.

4pc Black Glass Glitter Kit

One of our Standard Series 100% maple kit that is versatile for any style of music or drummer. All wrapped in black glass glitter that looks killer with the all chromed hardware. Sizes are 8×12″ rack tom, 13×16″ floor tom, 18×22″ kick drum, and a 6.5×14″ matching snare drum. We dressed this kit with 1″ mini tube lugs, DSS suspension mount, heavy duty round brackets, pro spurs, and 2.3mm triple flanged hoops. The snare drum has full length tube lugs x10, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and a Nickelworks throwoff with German brass snare wires.

6.5×14″ Solid Steambent Sycamore Snare

A crazy unique wood with unbelievable grain. One of our solid single ply steambent drum shells custom made out of solid sycamore wood with matching sycamore reinforcement rings instead of typical maple rings. This snare drum has a ton of body with a similar tone to maple but a bit deeper note. It has a soft touch with plenty of sensitivity yet plenty of volume. One of our favorite sounding snare drums to date. Finished in our super high gloss clear coat that is buffed to a perfection over natural sycamore. Dressed with all brass hardware, including solid brass full length tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, P86 vintage throwoff and a matching brass and black plated CT name badge.

Couple of Natural Satin Oil Snare Drums

A few of our most popular drums at an affordable price. Shown here are a 6.5×14″ and 5.5×14″. Both drums are our Standard Series 8ply Maple snares featuring our dual 45 rounded top CT signature bearing edges and smooth snare beds. Our natural satin oil finish is the lightest finish available while still adding protection and is considered the least sound altering finish while bringing out the best of the wood. This allows any drummer to purchase one of our drums at a more attractive price point due to less labor and material costs on our part. We use all the same high end parts that come stock with our CT snares, including chrome over brass tube lugs, optional RCK throwoffs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, german snare wires, and Remo drumheads.

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6.5×14″ Aged WMP

One of our most popular wrap colors that looks classy and timeless. This is our workhorse of a snare drum. 6.5×14″ Standard Series maple 8ply with our dual 45 CT bearing edges and snare beds. This drum can be tuned for all styles of music and has more body and punch than most other custom drum companies that use thicker shells. We have built countless snare drums like this one for all sorts of drummers with raved reviews. All chrome hardware sets of the vintage style Aged White Marine Pearl wrap, including vintage style tube lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, a RCK throwoff, Puresound wires and Remo drumheads.