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4pc Black Stain High Gloss BeBop Kit

A new 4pc kit with matching snare for our buddy Nick Fishman who is currently on tour with his new kit throughout the US and then off on his European tour. After hours of consulting with Nick, we determined that our thinner Standard Series Maple of 6ply toms and an 8ply kick with added custom made 3ply maple reinforcement rings would be the best drumkit possible for him and his various music styles. Our thin maple shells offer tons of body and low end but the installed re-rings add just a touch of high end cut. The color is a dark black transparent stain where you can still see the wood grain (just not in the photos of course) with our high gloss topcoat. We left the insie of the kick hoops natural for a nice wood contrast. A very cool sounding and classy looking bop kit. Sizes include 14×18″ kick, 5.5×14″ snare, 8×12″ tom, 14×14″ floor all with chrome hardware and a single tom bass drum mount installed.

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Couple of Natural Satin Oil Snare Drums

A few of our most popular drums at an affordable price. Shown here are a 6.5×14″ and 5.5×14″. Both drums are our Standard Series 8ply Maple snares featuring our dual 45 rounded top CT signature bearing edges and smooth snare beds. Our natural satin oil finish is the lightest finish available while still adding protection and is considered the least sound altering finish while bringing out the best of the wood. This allows any drummer to purchase one of our drums at a more attractive price point due to less labor and material costs on our part. We use all the same high end parts that come stock with our CT snares, including chrome over brass tube lugs, optional RCK throwoffs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, german snare wires, and Remo drumheads.

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5.5×14″ Blood Red Satin Stain w/ Black Nickel

A deep, dark red stain under satin oil that looks great with our black nickel hardware. This 5.5×14″ Standard Series 8ply maple features GN double ended lugs which utilize only one mounting screw so there is less shell drilling, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, a Trick multi step throwoff, german snare wires and Remo drumheads.

This drum now resides in Australia.

5.5×14″ Maple 10ply Silver Glass Glitter

A Players Series maple 10ply shell wrapped in our popular silver glass glitter and chrome hardware. The silver glass glitter really shines under stage lights and pick up the stage lights beautifully. This 5.5×14″ size creates a versatile drum and the thicker 10ply shell adds tons of crack and sensitivity. All chrome hardware matches the silver glass stunningly, including full length solid brass tube lugs, the added die cast hoops for better rimshots, a RCK throwoff, and German brass snare wires.

5.5×14″ Copper Pearl Birch Snare

A Studio Series birch 8ply shell wrapped in Copper Marine Pearl with GN double ended snare lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and a RCK throwoff. The chrome hardware looks great against this classic color wrap. This 5.5×14″ snare has a focused tone that is warmer than maple and less overtones. They sound great under the microphone or live on stage.

5.5×14″ Custom Painted Canadian Blue Flake High Gloss

5.5×14″ Natural Maple 8 Lug

All White Snare Drum

A Standard Series snare drum in a solid white custom lacquer high gloss with matching white powder coated hardware. This 5.5×14″ maple 8ply shell has more body than most typical custom company’s snare drums that use a thicker shell, which is great for heavy hitters but can be too aggressive at times. Our Standard Series 8ly maple shells have great depth and a broad tuning range. This snare is featuring 7/8th offset tail light lugs, EGO throwoff, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and even a matching air vent.