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Black Nickel Shell w/ Hammered Copper Inlay

A unique metal shell with sexy looks and a great sound. It features a 1.3mm steel shell plated in smooth black nickel and a hammered cooper inlay and two center beads. A similar shell to our brass series but with a touch drier sound and great sensitivity with it’s wide snare beds. Dressed in all chrome hardware. We may have to bring this shell into full production with regular availability.

6.5×14″ Titanium Snare!

Our Titanium Series shells are one of the finest made shells on the market! All shells are first programmed through CAD, then water-jet cut to perfect length and all holes are perfectly cut for precise alignment and placement. This ensures the strictest tolerances for any metal shell. This drum is finished in our brushed natural finish with a satin sheen, also available in mirror high polished. The 6.5×14″ snare drum is fitted with full length chrome over brass tube lugs, die cast hoops, a Trick multi step throwoff, and Remo drumheads.

5×14″ Smooth Black Nickel Over Brass

We built this snare drum for CHRISTIAN CANALITA, a local teacher and drummer for the country-rock singer JESSICA CAYLYAN. A 5×14″ smooth black nickel over brass shell that creates that warm brass snare sound with that extra bite. The added die cast hoops help focus the extra overtones while adding bolder rimshots and cross-stick sounds. All chrome hardware includes full length solid brass tube lugs x10, a vintage style P-86 throwoff and German brass snare wires. A killer sound drum for any collection, especially to fill that metal snare drum void.

Check out Christian here:

The Jessica Caylyn Band:

Super Deep Black Brass Snare

Looking for that big snare sound? Nothing touches the sound of brass unless it’s an 8×14″ smooth black nickel over brass. A super deep brass drum that is rarely seen in this size, especially for our price. Brass shells typically have great projection and a louder volume than compared to a similar sized wood shell. The brass will ring out more creating a big, fat sound when tuned lower or a tighter, bright crack when tuned up. The extra deep 8″ shell delivers a deeper bottom end and thump. All top of the line chrome hardware includes chrome over solid brass tube lugs, Trick multi step throwoff, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, german snare wires and Remo drumheads.

6.5×14″ High Polished Aluminum Snare

A unique snare drum that has a great metal sound. Our Aluminum Series feature a 1/8″ thick shell (the equivalent to a 3.2mm shell, instead of a typical thinner 1mm shell) which we cut a fully rounded bearing edge. This helps add a smooth shell to head contact that adds extra focus and deep tone to these shells. Aluminum is the driest of metal shell sounds with a bit of crunchy tone. Inherent aluminum shell sounds with our rounded bearing edge and smooth snare beds creates a fully blended metal snare that is great for any player that needs a powerful live sound and that great recording tone.

Shown here in our upgraded mirror high polish, also available in our standard brushed natural finish as well.

Hammered Brass Snare

6.5×14″ Polished Aluminum