6.5×14″ Burnt Sienna with 4.5mm Rolled Steel Hoops

A great mix of old school with modern tech. The shell is a thin 7ply all maple construction with added 7ply reinforcement rings. This shell creates a very fat, open body with a touch of focus and cut from the re-rings. The 4.5mm cold rolled steel hoops are similar to vintage single flange hoops that give the drum a more boxy, older tone but since the hoops are much thicker and are heavy steel, they produce more cut and heavy rimshots. These hoops can be considered a cross of die cast and single flanged hoops. A very deep sounding drum with good crack and plenty of punch. Finished in our popular Burnt Sienna Satin Stain. Fitted with the best hardware available, including a new all chrome Trick multi step throwoff, chrome over solid brass tube lugs, steel mini claws, Remo drumheads and German snare wires.

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