Sparkle Flake Colors (Paint)

We use some of the best available paint products, including our sparkle flakes. They have unbelievable brilliance and shimmer with tons of colors to choose from.

These sample pictures show different lighting and how it changes the color of the flake.

Top left = direct sun or stage lights
middle = medium color most seen
bottom right = dark room or in the shade

Different size flakes are available. From ultra mini flake (.002″), mini flake (.004″), our standard size medium flake (.008″), and large flake (.015″). A larger flake will have greater shimmer and reflect more light, while smaller flake has greater coverage of color and a smoother look.

Kandy Color Tints are available over silver flake for intense depth of color and custom options. Fades and bursts available. Mix colors or flake sizes for extra variations.

All available under our premium high gloss, satin, or matte sheen topcoats.

Contact us for more details.

{** Due to monitor and organic differences, colors and
shimmer are representations only that can vary in person. **}

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