Monthly Archives: April 2011

3pc White Satin Stain w/ Black Nickel Hardware

Custom kit made for ZACH PEACH of Sensual Saint and This Is Radiation.  A Players Series Maple kit in White Satin Stain with all black nickel hardware.  We custom fitted this kit with GN Single Point lugs along with pro spurs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, die cast claws, and heavy duty round brackets on the floor tom.  This kit sounds as amazing as it looks!  Just ask Zach!  You will hear this kit on their next album due out soon, and see it on the road on their followup tour.


Build Us Airplanes article write up

A local newspaper article featuring B.U.A. and Matt Kadi.

Alma Desnuda Live Street Performance

Joe Glaser playing his CT bebop maple kit with Alma Desnuda live in a street concert show in Danville, CA. Check out his band here: